Is This Thing On???


Anybody there?

Is this thing on???

Welcome to Cast Iron Adventures! Here, we’re going to explore the pleasures and challenges of living a cast iron life. What is a cast iron life, you ask? Let me try to explain.

Living a cast iron life, in my eyes, is the exact polar opposite of our current latte-fueled, fast food frenzy, instant gratification, sterile gym experience life. Instead, think of slow meals over an open fire, from real food grown by a real person, harvested at full maturity for greatest flavor and nutrition. Imagine a life without ingredient labels. Imagine having a meeting with your meat, before it goes to the butcher. It’s real, and it’s sometimes messy.  It’s the idea of home-made starting with a seed, not a grocery list. Then, its drawing every last bit of nutrition from every possible part of every animal and plant you decide to harvest.

Let’s be honest here. I’m not a board-certified nutritionist. Nor am I a trained chef, with a string of restaurants under my name. I’m a former farm boy, a suburban office worker and father to three (more on them down the road). I hunt, fish, and garden. I have a passion for eating, and therefore a passion for cooking. My methods aren’t always elegant, but they’ll be tasty and effective.

WARNING Animals will be harmed in the creation of this blog!!!

Some of the food I prepare is meat, in all its many varieties and forms. We’re going to talk wild game, from the hunt to the harvest to the butchering to the cooking and preserving. There will be animals killed, and the meat will NOT come wrapped in cellophane. Even chicken, beef, pork, lamb etc. will more than likely, at some point in its life, have had a name. I’ll go into my thoughts in more detail down the road, but the quick and fast is that I believe our basic physiology labels us as omnivores. As such, we need as many different types of real food as possible, including meats. If you’re open to the idea, stick around. If not, thanks for checking me out, and feel free to check out a few vegan sites I’m a fan of, here.

But, food is only the beginning! In addition, we’re going to cover life, and family, and living, and loving and all sorts of random neurons firing in the back of my head. (Yes, Jeff, it needed to be used). You’ll be able to follow my trials and tribulations with exercise, balancing parenting and work, and family and friends. We’ll laugh together, and share a few tears. Hopefully, as time goes by, we’ll both be richer for it.

So, I invite you to raise your glass…

“To the Great Adventure, and our headlong plunge, therein!”

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  1. Fabulous! So glad to see this blog, (and the use of random neurons firing… miss that!) I’ll be following this and look forward to the next installment! <3

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