Before We Begin – The Naked Truth

Park Bench Reflected in a Calm Lake

The whole point behind a Slow Food Revolution is to develop a healthier relationship with our diet. I don’t mean the “I’m on a diet” kind of diet thing either. Your diet is no more and no less than the food and nutrients you ingest. More than just counting calories or grabbing something quick and easy, we need to slow down and develop a connection with our food. Step One would be to learn how to listen to your body, and let it tell you what it needs for fuel. Step Two is investing the time and energy into creating it for your body.

Believe me I understand just how daunting those first two steps can be. First, very few people have a comfortable enough relationship with their bodies to engage in a loving conversation. For some it might seem more like an interview between a warden and prisoner. Stop. It. Please. Your body is yours, but it is not all of you. It’s the meat-sack that carries your mind and your soul. Take care of it, love it, appreciate it, and respect it. All that being said, don’t let it be in charge. When the body is in charge, one of two things is likely to happen. Either it becomes unhealthy trying to consume All the Things, or it will demand a level of cold discipline in the impossible  pursuit of perfection that it refuses Any of the Fun. Either way you end up being held hostage by your body.

Man sees other self in mirror

I challenge you to try something, if you dare. Take a long shower, scrubbing deeply, washing away hair product, makeup, and masks. Expose all your body’s blemishes. Now, stand naked in front if a full length mirror, with good lighting. LOOK at yourself. Keep looking, while all the negative self-talk washes over you. Keep looking, even while the mind attempts to sabotage you with a laundry list of faults. Keep looking, and looking, until you find a level of acceptance with your body. For those still looking, the next step is love. When you love something you can change it for the better. If you hate something, all you can do is destroy it. You can’t listen to something you hate. Please learn to love your body, and then learn to listen to it. Yes, it will encourage you to have an extra piece of pie, but it will also encourage you to move and exercise. Listening to your body will allow for a balance.

Once you love your body, the next step is MUCH easier. You’ll want to provide it with nothing but the best, and the only way to do that is to nurture it with quality food and drink. You’ll want to slow down, and savor the moment of caring for your new best friend, your own body. You’ll begin to experience your food on a bigger level, one where you find yourself not just feeding your body but also your soul. New experiences will open up for you. You will suddenly want to know more and more about the what you’re putting into your body. A trip through the canned goods at your local mega mart will no longer be good enough, you’ll find yourself looking to farmers markets and being more involved in the process of preparing your food, rather than buying processed food.Suddenly your body receives the nutrients, and your soul is fed.

And that’s the point. I want to encourage you  to discover the story behind all your food, so that it can feed both your body and soul. Everything has a story, and most of them are amazing.



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