Roasted Brussels Sprouts

As one of the premiere “love it or hate it” veggies, brussels sprouts will never please everyone all the time. If you like ‘em, you’re gonna love this application. If you’re not a fan, I’d still encourage you to give this one a shot.


Most of the time, when people say they don’t enjoy a food, it’s because they’ve had it poorly prepared. Overcooking, undercooking, too much or too little seasoning, and so on have created a world of picky eaters rather than adventurous foodies. Combine that with the frugal american tradition that we must always clean our plates of every morsel of food or children will starve in Africa, or China, or whatever, and all chances for experimental eating fly right out the window.


In the case of these sprouts, most of the time the problem is under seasoning and improper cooking time. Cook them too long, and you end up with mush. Not enough cooking time, and they’re best used in a slingshot to hunt small game. There’s also a slight, natural bitterness that some folks find a bit off-putting. Adding just a little more salt than you think you should will draw that bitterness out and clean up the finish on every bite.


Really. Give these a shot. And I promise, if you don’t clean your plate your mom won’t be too disappointed.